So NAVIGARDA aims to tourists of our lake, connects the main towns overlooking the lake.
As well as allowing you to visit different places in the day enjoy a pleasant stay without the ‘use of the vehicle own the copyright.
For any information about the rates and routes as well ask at the reception of ‘Hotel where you can also pick “PROMOTION CARD” which offers a discount on the shipping ticket.
From June to September there is the opportunity to visit the famous “Isola del Garda”, a place of rare beauty and historical importance.
L’Isola del Garda is a place of rare beauty, full of history, memories and legends.
From May to September the Borghese Cavazza family opens its treasures to guided tours.
A journey of about two hours, through an intact vegetation, English and Italian gardens and some rooms of the charming villa in neo-Gothic-Venetian style.
At the end you will be offered a small tasting of local products (olive oil, wine and appetizers).

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