Cableway to Monte Baldo


Monte Baldo is a natural terrace with an extraordinary view of the Garda Lake, the Po Valley, the Alps and Prealps.
The new Malcesine-Monte Baldo cablecar, unique in the world with its rotating cabins, travels the distance from Malcesine to Monte Baldo in only ten minutes, and offers breathtaking 360° panoramic views and fascinating excursions for hiking, mountain bike, and hang-glider lovers.

Prada Costabella chair-lift-Cabinway from 1000 to 1910m
The Prada chair-lift was re-opened in 2005, after being closed for years, and it connects the village of Prada at 1000m with Monte Baldo at 1910m. Put your rucksack on your shoulders and your trekking shoes on, for pleasant walks or more strenuous excursions among the fields or the trails of Monte Baldo, admiring the unique and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.
With a clear sky, perhaps after a day of rain, one can see a great view of the Alps, from the Monte Rosa to the Venetian Laguna and all the way to the Appennines.

The first stretch, in cabinway, leads to the Mondini refuge now renamed Malga Prada at 1550m. The second stretch, in chair-lift, up to Fiori del Baldo refuge at 1850m. There is also the possibility of hang-gliding… but here comes the great news: you can reach the peak with your own mountain-bike thanks to the lifts, and descend along the itineraries on either side of the mountain.

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